Energy consumption and efficiency

Different types of ship fuel are the main types of energy resources consumed during operations of the Group.

Dynamics of fuel consumption in 2016-2018
Type of fuel 2018 2017 2016
Fuel oil, tonnes 1,025,791 72 % 943,112 75,6 % 943,112 75,6 %
Diesel fuel, tonnes 231,860 16 % 208,690 16,7 % 208,690 16,7 %
Gas engine fuel, tonnes 166,741 12 % 96,442 7,7 % 96,442 7,7 %
Total 1,424,393 100 % 1,248,244 100 % 1,248,244 100 %

Sovcomflot Group is actively engaged in work to implement a state programme for introducing gas engine fuel in the transport sector. In 2018, the share of gas engine fuel amounted to 12 % of the total ship fuel consumption against 7.7 % a year earlier. The increase in this indicator is due to an increase in the intensity of liquefied gas transportation and the addition of new-generation LNG-fuelled vessels to the Group’s fleet. The SCF fleet includes five LNG tankers equipped with LNG-powered internal combustion engines and four LNG tankers that also use gas fuel for the ship power plant (steam turbine). In addition, three dual-fuel Aframax tankers using liquefied natural gas as the primary fuel were brought into service in 2018.

The consumption of energy resources such as heat, electricity, motor gasoline is associated with the operation of the Group’s onshore units. Their consumption volume is insignificant compared to consumption volumes of different types of ship fuel. The Group does not consume any types of energy resources other than those listed above.