Competitive position

Main competitors of Sovcomflot Group in core business areas are:

  • Fredriksen Group, Cyprus;
  • Teekay Corporation, Canada;
  • Euronav N.V., Belgium;
  • Knutsen OAS Shipping, Norway;
  • China COSCO Shipping, China;
  • Mitsui O.S.K. Lines, Japan;
  • Dynacom Tankers, Greece;
  • Scorpio Group, Monaco
  • Torm A/S, Denmark
  • Minerva Marine, Greece;
  • BW Group, Bermuda
  • Tsakos Group, Greece;
  • MISC, Malaysia.

The Group’s share of the freight market does not exceed 1%. Any change in this indicator over the past three years is considered immaterial (less than 0.01%) due to the high degree of fragmentation on the tanker transportation market and the continued presence of a significant number of operators, estimated in total at about 3,200 (including approximately 200 companies with a fleet of 10 or more tankers).

According to Clarksons, at the end of the reporting period Sovcomflot Group held the following positions in global shipowner rankings:

Parameter Global ranking
Arctic shuttle tanker fleet 1
Ice-class tanker fleet 1
Aframax tanker fleet 1
Fleet of multifunctional icebreaking vessels 1
Size of tanker fleet 3
Shuttle tanker fleet 3
Ice-class LNG tanker fleet 5
Product tanker fleet 6